[Bug? & Fix] TabButton's and Parsed Text

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Just popping in
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[Bug? & Fix] TabButton's and Parsed Text

Postby Icewave » Fri May 27, 2011 19:17

Hi All!

I was having some problems with tab buttons today:

using this as an example string:
"[image='set:Images image:Image']Test"

The Tab button would display the image and the text - however the size of the tab itself would be as long as the string in width

I managed to fix this via editing CEGUITabControl.cpp: TabControl::calculateTabButtonSizePosition on at line 529+ so that it reads:

Code: Select all

    // Width is based on font size (expressed as absolute)
      btn->setWidth(cegui_absdim(btn->getRenderedString().getPixelSize(0).d_width) +
                     getTabTextPadding() + getTabTextPadding());
      Font* fnt = btn->getFont();
      btn->setWidth(cegui_absdim(fnt->getTextExtent(btn->getText())) +
                     getTabTextPadding() + getTabTextPadding());

Is this a viable solution? and is the If statement even necessary?

Hopefully i didn't just overlook some setting somewhere and am not making a total fool of myself right now :D

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Re: [Bug? & Fix] TabButton's and Parsed Text

Postby Kulik » Fri May 27, 2011 20:09

Seems legit, thanks! I will try to look into this over the weekend.


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