[Lua][ImageManager] getSingleton is nil

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[Lua][ImageManager] getSingleton is nil

Postby Baarnus » Tue Jul 09, 2013 09:20


My problem is, that I want to load an imageset from lua:

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And the error is that the getSingeton function doesn't exist. I get the error:

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terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CEGUI::ScriptException'
  what():  CEGUI::ScriptException in function 'void CEGUI::LuaScriptModule::executeScriptFile_impl(const CEGUI::String&, const CEGUI::String&, int, int)' (/home/baarnus/Dokumentumok/Install/cegui-0.8.2/cegui/src/ScriptModules/Lua/ScriptModule.cpp:590) : Unable to execute Lua script file: 'init_editor.lua'

[string "init_editor.lua"]:10: attempt to call method 'getSingleton' (a nil value)

From C++ the loading works correctly, and other singletons like Logger and AnimationManager are working correctly. The question is, that getSingleton is really missing, or I'm doing something wrong?

My whole lua script:

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-- CEGUI singletons
local logger = CEGUI.Logger:getSingleton()
-- Begin Editor Init
logger:logEvent("++++ Editor init started ++++")
-- Load layout
local layout = CEGUI.WindowManager:getSingleton():loadLayoutFromFile("editor.layout")
-- Set layout
-- Load icons
-- Load animations
Setup the tab control
@param tabControlName
function setupTabControl(tabControlName, iconSet)
   -- Get the tab control for name
   local tabControl = CEGUI.toTabControl(layout:getChild(tabControlName))
   -- Tab buttons
   local tabButtons = tabControl:getChild("__auto_TabPane__Buttons")
   -- For all children
   for i=1,math.min(tabControl:getTabCount(),table.getn(iconSet)) do
      -- Get tab button
      local tabButton = tabButtons:getChildAtIdx(i-1)
      -- Animation
--      tabButton:setProperty("Icon", "EditorIcons/"..iconSet[i])
      logger:logEvent("TabButton: "..tabButton:getText())
      -- Add icon
      logger:logEvent("Button: "..tabButton:getName()..", Icon: "..iconSet[i]..", Anim: "..iconSet[i].."IconAnim")
-- Setup Tab controls
--setupTabControl("View/Tabs", {"Drill","Drill","Drill"})
--setupTabControl("Inventory/Tabs", {"Drill","Engine","Track"})
-- End Editor Init
logger:logEvent("++++ Editor init ended ++++")


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