[BUG]autoRenderingSurface inside another makes pos random

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[BUG]autoRenderingSurface inside another makes pos random

Postby osbios » Tue Oct 08, 2013 17:11

I worked on my "direct drawing canvas" where I use a surface from cegui for direct opengl drawing. And found some odd behavior.

When I use a "autoRenderingSurface" (setUsingAutoRenderingSurface(true)) inside another autoRenderingSurface, the child position visually jumps around in the parent (by a few pixels around the original position) every time the parent changes his position and is redrawn. This wont happen if the parent is set to not use a autoRenderingSurface.


Edit: befor I forget:
---- Version: 0.8.2 (Build: Sep 24 2013 GNU/Linux g++ 4.6.3 64 bit) ----
---- Renderer module is: CEGUI::OpenGLRenderer - Official OpenGL based 2nd generation renderer module. TextureTarget support enabled via FBO extension. ----
---- XML Parser module is: CEGUI::ExpatParser - Official expat based parser module for CEGUI ----
---- Image Codec module is: DevILImageCodec - Official DevIL based image codec ----
---- Scripting module is: None ----

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