Running samples - wrong path to samples.xml in wiki?

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Running samples - wrong path to samples.xml in wiki?

Postby Germanunkol » Wed Jun 11, 2014 07:08

I've successfully compiled CEGUI using this guide on the wiki.

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hg update -C v0-8

The wiki states to run Samples like so:

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CEGUI_SAMPLE_DATAPATH=../source/datafiles bin/CEGUISampleFramework-0.8

which, out of the box, did not work for me. (Error log here:

I looked at the log and "fixed" the examples broweser by doing:

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cp datafiles/samples/ ../source/datafiles/ -r

... and then re-running the command above.
Is this an error in the wiki or did I miss something?

Probably unrelated side-note: The only binary it created for me (Arch Linux) is the CEGUISampleFramework-0.8, but the wiki says to run bin/CEGUIDemo8-0.8. Is this another demo, or the old name for the Framework? If it's an old name, then the version difference might explain the issue above...?

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Re: Running samples - wrong path to samples.xml in wiki?

Postby Ident » Thu Jun 19, 2014 16:17

I was waiting for one of the people proficient with *nix system to respond, but apparently thats not going to happen.

All I can respond to your post is that "CEGUIDemo8" has long been replaced by the SamplesFramework. The samples are now started from a single executable. The errors might be related to that.
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