CEGUI Saga3D renderer

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Just popping in
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CEGUI Saga3D renderer

Postby manhnt » Tue Mar 12, 2019 16:14

Saga3D a minimal, simple and cross-platform (Vulkan-based) graphics library for PC, Mobile and probably Web (WebGL2/WASM or WebGPU).
Supported platforms are Windows, Linux, Android for now.
Project: https://gitlab.com/InnerPieceOSS/Saga3D/
Graphics samples list: https://gitlab.com/InnerPieceOSS/Saga3D ... er/samples

I'm developing a CEGUI v0.8.7 renderer for Saga3D at: https://bitbucket.org/manhnt9/cegui/branch/saga

Some results below.

Texture loading

GUI Geometry Drawing

Next is to correct the viewport, clipping and render target stuffs.

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