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Summoning Wars

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 18:19
by Lastmerlin
Hello everybody,

I am here to announce the release of Summoning Wars 0.5beta version. It is a free and open source game developed by four german students.

Summoning Wars is an action RPG with point-and-click fight system. Choose from 4 Classes with 24 unique
abilities each and jump into a campaign playable in both single and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is usable by up to 8 players and does not only offer collective monster slaying, but also some slight story modification, as the as the dialogs adapt to the number and class of players in game. There are hundreds of items to collect and dozens of
monster types to fight. Meet citizens and sinister puppet-masters with secrets of their own and trade with well-equiped traders
- or search for the blackmarket and stock enchanted items.

Summoning Wars has a flexible engine that allows to modifiy and extend most aspects of the game by editing some easy to read XML files. In addition, there is a lua-based scripting system that allows triggering events or starting cutscenes at runtime.

I have selected one screenshot that shows our use of CEGUI. More screenshots can be found at our website that is named below.

For now, we have precompiled Binary for Windows and a Source code package for Linux. To download it, visit our homepage:

There, we also have a forum where you can post some feedback. The forum has been created very recently and is very empty so far, but there is no need to keep it in that state. If you encounter a bug, please report it at the forums or at the Sourceforge bugtracker.

Beeing made by only german developers so far, language is german at the moment, but we have an english translation. If activating the translation ingame does not work (namely under Windows), you have to set the system locale to english before starting. We also plan to switch to english as original language soon. The story translation is not complete, we are working on that as well.

I also just want to say thank you for offering a great piece of software for free. In addition, something that especially impressed me is the excellent help offered here. In fact, I can not remember a single case of asking a question here and not getting a (usually very useful) answer within a day. Apart from the feature set (which is awsome as well of course), this is an important reason why I would recommend CEGUI to others.
I admit, that I also hope to profit from that in future again. You may notice, that our use of CEGUI is rather basic at the moment, As I never found the time to investigate some more tricky things like the Falagard System. Be assured, that I will be back asking more question as soon as I get to that. :D

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Posted: Sat May 08, 2010 10:45
by CrazyEddie
Thanks for posting details of your project. At this stage I have not yet tried out the download, but from what I can tell things are looking really good :)

Thanks also for your praise of CEGUI and the efforts we make to offer support to users - it's not always easy, but we do try :)


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Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2010 16:34
by Lastmerlin

I have just released the next version (0.5.1) of Summoning Wars.
Some important changes are:
- Improved target selection system
- Dialogs use only two corners now
- full English translation and set this as default option
- new Worldmap
- support for cmake build system
- Single-player game may be paused with ESC now

Thanks again to Crazy Eddie who helped me to fix the Credits window. Of course I am really lucky that several new member joined the team during last month justifying the extended credits list. However, we are still searching for new contributors in several areas (programming, art, translation). If anyone is interested in supporting the project, just make contact on the forum or IRC.

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Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2010 17:44
by CrazyEddie
Thanks for the information about the new version. Congratulations for your release :)


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Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 00:46
by Lastmerlin

I can announce yet another release, version 0.5.3 (I realize right now I missed to post 0.5.2 here o_O).
One central point of this version was to upgrade to cegui 0.7. To be honest, we spent quite a while with fixing compatibility issues, but I am convinced it was worth the effort. Right now, we use the markup text feature (which is a good reason to get 0.7 alone), but I am looking forward using the other awesome new feature like animations as well.

Just for your information, here is a list of changes:
* upgraded Ogre version to 1.7
* upgrade CEGUI version to 0.7
* capped framerate at 50 reducing processor load
* added colored tooltips
* tooltip of equipment is displayed for comparison if inventory item is hoovered
* added enchantment system
* implemented auto-pickup for gold

* added new chat options to several NPCs
* added Quest: The Scout
* added Quest: The Goblin Raid
* improved Tutorial cutscenes

* added model: Bat
* added model: Spider
* added model: Crypt entrance

* added Russian translation
* updated German and Italian translation

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Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 19:02
by Lastmerlin
Yet another update for announcing the release of version 0.5.4.
This release was centered around integrating new sounds and improving the player skill sets and balancing.

Here is a list of changes:
* changed several cooldown values for the archer skills
* added stun to the storm arrows skill
* changed cooldown values for the warriors fire skills and regeneration
* added splash damage to warriors charge attacks
* changed behavior of the warriors taunt and scare warcries
* gave the warrior a triple whirlattack skill as upgrade of common whirlattack
* changed cooldown values for most mage skills
* significant damage adjustments to mage skills
* ionisation passive skill now reduces lightning cooldown speed instead of damage bonus
* changed cooldown values for all priest healing and booster skills
* added passive skills for the priest reducing damage taken from undead, demons and elementals
* modified effect of berserk and confused states
* small evasion rate is now also granted without using a shield
* more enchantments are available at Fazir's in dwarfenwall

User Interface:
* added labels for remaining skill and attribute points
* added visualization for skill dependecies
* added shortkey numbers to the belt slots
* added visulization for missed attacks
* added graphics for various boosters
* increased size of small items (rings, amulets) to improve visibility
* improved descriptions for various skills

* added drop sounds for all items
* added drop sounds for all player melee attacks
* added full soundset for the goblin
* added full soundset for the zombie
* added spider attack sound
* added wolf and slug death soundset

CEGUI-wise this new version did not contain any significant changes. However, next version will hopefully do - we are planning to get make real use of the CEGUI skinning system (finally) as well deploy the cegui-lua binding. I will post some screenshots then :)

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Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 19:42
by Kulik
Nice project, congrats for the release, I played through the tutorial and found it very entertaining :-) I saw some sketches of new UI from hipponboy and am looking forward to seeing that integrated.

Re: Summoning Wars

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 23:07
by Lastmerlin
Trapdoor has made an awesome trailer for our game:

We are also working on the next version of course, I notify you :)