LifeON - virtual worlds with CEGUI - now in *beta*

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LifeON - virtual worlds with CEGUI - now in *beta*

Postby Sos » Tue May 24, 2011 10:07


LifeON is a project by Perfect Games Studio, a company I've been working for. I am proud to announce, that it reached beta, and we are currently looking for users willing to test it.

LifeON is an online virtual world consisting of islands floating over ocean. Most of the islands are home to its users, thus it's user who create this world.

LifeON provides tools to create your very own Home Island and build a house on top of it contributing to the creation of LifeON world. Using the tools, you can shape your island in any way you want, and build your own home from scratch, painting and furnishing it with nearly 500 types of equipment.

You can also personalise your avatar, and dress it up as you please using over 700 available clothes. You can also choose from one of the available Moods for your avatar, that will change his animations. There are also other animations for you avatar that you can trigger from the popup menu, and that alter minding your current location.

You can navigate the world of LifeON using the map utility, where you can browse the islands, choose your destination, alter your Home Island properties and freely move it around the world to get the best view from it.

Apart from user-created islands, there are publicly available islands in the heart of the world. In the middle of it is The Dome, where you can find shops, cafe's, and an ATM that will pay you Monies each day. Visit the ATM or play games to get more Monies!

The Dome is surrounded by three Platforms. Each of these is unique and has something interesting to offer.

The Tropic Platform lets you explore tropical environment, chill out on the beach, or visit the beach dancefloor to have some fun.

The Space Platform consist of clubs that are placed inside planet-looking domes. There is a cinema, where you can watch some of the youtube goodies. You can also find a disco club, where you can dance like there's no tommorow. In the gallery, you can exhibit pictures from your personal collection and have other people vote on them. In Kiss, your avatar is switched with its anonymous counterpart, making you completely incognito.

Minigames are accessible through City platform, the heart of entertainment in LifeON world. One of them, known as AquaBlue enables you to gain more Monies by hunting sea creatures, or excavating treasure from the depths of LifeON ocean. You can also upgrade your vessel to be able to get more Monies with equipment found in one of the shops.

Anything you buy, increase your Prestige. Once at a time your Level will also increase, this will indicate your progress. Once your level is high enough, you will be elevated to a higher Tier, which will enable you to buy equipment inaccessible earlier.

When you feel you have too much of it, you can place your Home Island in the Island Market and let someone else buy it!

You can pop up an embedded 3D browser any time, and browse the web from inside the project! Being based on Chromium makes it as fast as your casual browser!

You can also use audio and video chat. the video chat frame pops up over avatar's head and doesn't take precious screen space.
Join the beta now to help create and improve the world of LifeON!

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Re: LifeON - virtual worlds with CEGUI - now in *beta*

Postby CrazyEddie » Wed May 25, 2011 05:53

Not much to say about this... except "Awesome Project!"


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