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Metagolf - Public Beta 4

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 01:45
by Armitage1982

Just wanted to let you know that the Public Beta version 4 of Metagolf was available on my web site :

This may sound like an old project to some of you but I was abroad for more than a year and can only finish it now :)
That's also explain why it's using an old CEgui v6.2 (I wonder how fast you reach now, I must admit that old version suck 1/4 of the process currently, not a huge problem but you know... :wink: ).

I wish to use the forthcoming 0.8.0 version and the great tools that comes with it but unfortunately the responsible behind the port of CEgui to BlitzMax (my programming language) cease to release updates since v7.1 (around two years ago).
I will try to find a bit time (and courage) to port the new version when it's out but "glueing" C++ is still something quite hard since I rather prefer making games than having headhaches :lol:

Thanks again for this great library, I couldn't advance so well without it !
Hope to use it in my next 2D OpenGL engine :)