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Not too shy to talk
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Re: CEGUI in your web browser (as javascript !)

Postby iceiceice » Sat Jan 02, 2016 23:19


A small update -- as of most recent commits, CEGUI v0-8 is now much much easier to use in emscripten. I recently succeeded in creating a port of lib epoxy to emscripten, which I call empoxy -- this means that you can configure cegui to use epoxy and build for emscripten without changing the opengl calls or headers.

The only thing that is needed is some fixups to support static linking the whole cegui library together (emscripten doesn't really support dladdr and all the fancy dynamic linking that cegui v0-8 does), and it mostly compiles right out of the box now.

I would like either to update the "cegui-emscripten" repository, or eventually make a patch to the cegui build system so that it can directly support emscripten without modification.


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