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Just popping in
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New ScriptingModule

Postby guyver6 » Sun Jan 08, 2006 22:42

A while ago, around summer, I promised Crazy Eddie that I'll make another scripting module for something different than Lua.

So there I have it, working, but before I'll publish it, I need to solve one problem I'm hitting... well, or it looks like I don't know how to subscribe handlers to events on .layout level, or it's broken. I do sth like that:

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<Event Name="Moved" Function="moveIt" />

What I get is exception from XML parser. Schema is ok, so I thought that maybe it's broken or what?

Oh, btw, the script module is for Python. :)


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Re: New ScriptingModule

Postby lindquist » Mon Jan 09, 2006 01:06

The CEGUI library just does a

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wnd->subscribeEvent(eventName, ScriptFunctor(functionName));

If you have this functionality up and running, it should work.


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