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0.5 todo

Postby lindquist » Tue May 16, 2006 02:52

We (the CEGUI team) really want to get the 0.5 release done, so here we'll post the tasks that needs completion, and the progress in those tasks.

Some of the major parts has been completed, but there is still lots to do:

    * Finish the switch to the MIT license (done)

    * Write a combobox widget using the new listbox (maybe. I'm considering making a few addon modules with unofficial (yet) extras)(questionable!!)

    * Abstract image loading and make it available to the renderer modules. Supplied modules will be based on corona and DevIL. This is related to the license change as DevIL (the only current decent loading capabilities) is LGPL (in progress)

    * fix xml writing (mainly for the layout editor) (testing stage)

    * fix all bugs listed in the mantis tracker (almost there)

    * make precompiled dependency packages for M$ Visual C++
    (I'll make them for 7.1 and 8.0-express, if others are "required" we'll need community support as those are the only ones I have available. Now is the time to speak up) [added by scriptkid] See if we can group both common- and compiler specific dependencies into one dependency package.

    * [added by scriptkid] Update the Wiki. Splitup the FAQ by moving the compile/build questions into their own "compiling cegui" page. Something alike can be seen on the Ogre wiki. And just some more overall re-arranging of stuff.

    * test, test, test ...... :) test more

That's basically it. Most of the work for 0.5 was done in 2005, and it's about time this gets official.

This thread is locked as only CEGUI development team members should post. So if you have something that you feel is urgent for 0.5, post it somewhere else so we can discuss it first. If the team agrees it will be added to the list by us.

Please use the tracker for bug reports, and "air" feature requests on the forum first.

The only reason this list is public is so that YOU get a chance to have a say before things are finalised...

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