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[CEGUI Update] RTTI and Loggers

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 20:05
by fjeronimo
Hi all,

You guessed it. It's time for another CEGUI SVN update. :)

Here's the detailed contents:


Update features:

- New : Warning Log Level - Added a new logging level called 'Warnings' (level immediately above 'Errors'). This is useful for situations that are not really an error per se, but might raise an eyebrow or two.

- New : User Created Loggers - The CEGUI::System() constructor no longer overwrites the settings of a user-defined logger (i.e. a logger created before calling the constructor). This allows the user to fully customize the logger as he sees fit without fear of seeing its configuration overwritten by the CEGUI system initialization.

- Change : RTTI - Restored RTTI generation for CEGUI projects (debug builds only) despite adding a little signature to the outputs. The reasons lie in the fact that it is only active in debug builds, helps with exception handling (see CELayoutEditor) and allows dynamic casting if so desired. Release builds and future binaries will not contain RTTI info.

- Change : Edit & Continue - Edit & Continue disabling in VS2003 and lower (due to the __LINE__ expansion macro bug) has been moved to cegui_dynamic() premake function instead of being replicated in EVERY premake lua file.

- Change : Log Levels Description - Changed the log levels description that is output to the log file from 'InfL1', 'InfL2' and 'InfL3' to 'Std', 'Info' and 'Insan' respectively which makes them easier to spot and remember.