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Mk-2 Known Bugs and Issues (updated 20th October)

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 12:33
by CrazyEddie
This post is for me to post known bugs and issues in the Mk-2 system. I'll update here as new things are found and old things are fixed. If you need to discuss any of these things, or report other issues, post in another thread - this one is closed to replies in order to keep it free from clutter.

The list has now been modified to remove those items that are unimplemented features rather than bugs or issues.
[*:046baf14cc]The widget ListHeader does not like being in Absolute metrics mode.
[*:046baf14cc]Renderers do not currently trigger display mode change notifications.
[*:046baf14cc]Ogre Renderer does not report true maximum texture size.
[*:046baf14cc]Setting a FrameWindow to disabled state messes up positioning of titlebar and/or close button.
[*:046baf14cc]Lua/luabind scripting module (note that it is likely that luabind will no longer be used for this module, since there are too many portability issues. More news on this a little later on).