CMake build script for MinGW

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CMake build script for MinGW

Postby kornerr » Sun Aug 01, 2010 13:37

This is the CMake build script I use to build CEGUI with MinGW
It works fine for Linux too, but the default CEGUI autotools scripts are more powerful.
It builds only the following shared libs I need:
* libCEGUIBase,
* libCEGUIExpatParser,
* libCEGUIFalagardWRBase,
* libCEGUIOgreRenderer (optional),
* libCEGUIOpenGLRenderer (optional),
* libCEGUISILLYImageCodec (optional).


Install pcre, freetype, zlib from GnuWin32 project into C:/MinGW
Install Expat to default Program Files, then create MinGW lib files:

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pexports libexpat.dll > expat.def
pexports libexpatw.dll > expatw.def
dlltool -d expat.def -l libexpat.a
dlltool -d expatw.def -l libexpatw.a

Copy expat/Source/lib/*.h to C:/MinGW/include, and libexpat.a to C:/MinGW/lib
Set FREETYPE_INC_DIR to C:/MinGW/include/freetype2
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Re: CMake build script

Postby emarcotte » Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:35

Nice. I'll have to try this. I went through installing msys so I could run configure.

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