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Improving python wrappers?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 23:19
by GrizzLyCRO
I would like to improve python wrappers, for example

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xx.setPosition(PyCEGUI.UVector2(PyCEGUI.UDim(0.5,0), PyCEGUI.UDim(0.5,0)))


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xx.setPosition( (0.5,0), (0.5,0) )

i dont have experience in this kind of stuff, so could you tell me where to start, and also do you agree with this kind of changes?

I am assuming that above method, accepts only stated variable types as arguments.

EDIT1: Proof of concept, how it can be achieved

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from PyCEGUI import *
import PyCEGUI

def set(self, property, val):
    if property == "Position":
        self.setPosition(UVector2(UDim(val[0][0], val[0][1]), UDim(val[1][0], val[1][1])))
    elif property == "Size":
        self.setSize(UVector2(UDim(val[0][0], val[0][1]), UDim(val[1][0], val[1][1])))

PyCEGUI.GUISheet.set = set

Re: Improving python wrappers?

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 13:14
by Kulik
Oh crap, I completely missed this :-) Sorry.

This is indeed something I had planned, I wanted to make PyCEGUI more pythonic by using monkey patching (altering that would just import the CPython module and do some changes on it to make it more pythonic).

If you are still interested in this, join the #cegui freenode IRC channel to discuss this.