Contributions YOU can make to CEGUI!

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Contributions YOU can make to CEGUI!

Postby Mikademus » Wed Sep 07, 2011 16:26

Not everyone needs to be an experienced developer or CEGUI-expert to make contributions to CEGUI: In fact, there are many smaller things, each of which are easy and would only take a short time, that we would love your help with!

On this wiki page we have collected a list of items you can help us with!

Some choice selections from this list we want to highlight and especially request assistance with right now are:

Help us make CEGUI and our community even better! The developers and maintainers as well as users--experienced and beginners alike--of CEGUI will thank you, and you will get that warm, scout feeling of having helped make the world (ok, our part of it, at least!) a better place! :pint:

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