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GSoC 2012 - Community Ideas

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 23:43
by Kulik
Looking for ideas!

As CEGUI is participating in GSoC 2012, we are now looking for students to participate this year. This also means that we need good ideas on which topics those potential candidates could work on during the summer.

This thread therefore offers the possibility to everyone in the community to simple drop in ideas that might be worth discussing in detail. Those detailed discussions should then take place in separate, dedicated threads in this GSoC forums section. So please use this thread as a pure idea stack...

Before posting in ideas here, please check whether they have already been listed:
CEGUI GSoC ideas

Original author of the text: spacegaier from Ogre3D forum.

Re: GSoC 2012 - Community Ideas

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 16:38
by Ident
Something interesting due to nowadays importance of smartphones might be official support for them and for OpenGL ES 1.X and 2.X, and as well as for DirectX Mobile. This would first of all require setuping up Renderers for each of those rendering APIs, which wouldn't be that much of work (the Opengl ES 1.X renderer would be pretty much based on the current CEGUIOpenGL renderer and the OpenglES 2.0 renderer could be based on the CEGUOpenGL3 renderer). Where it gets really interesting is when it comes to creating CEGUI support for Android, iOS, as well as Windows Mobile and also testing it on actual phones using those operating system. The limitations regarding library sizes might also have to be considered in this context.

As far as i know there is already some support for OpenGL ES 1.X, but the overall support for smartphones could be more mature. Maybe it can be argued that CEGUI for smartphones is overkill anyways, but for example when a more complex interface is needed i think it could be worth it (a role-play game with inventory or skill system for example), also the huge display of the iPad (iOS) would allow complex interfaces.