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DirectFB Renderer Direction

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 17:53
by xtitus
I was curious on the direction of support for the DirectFB renderer. The wiki says it's experimental, and mantis has had the item assigned for a long time (number 0000297). I ask as I really like using CEGUI personally in my game development with Ogre3D, but I want to use it commercially at work. In my commercial application, it's an embedded Linux application where I currently have a custom written GUI layer sitting on top of DirectFB (we don't want to use X11 as it's too heavyweight). I think switching to CEGUI would be more feature rich and stable, but wanted your take on how "experimental" it is today, what it would take to make it stable, and if you have any plans to do so, when would that be? Thanks for any insight on this as I love CEGUI and would like to see it expand to other uses!

[EDIT] I'm open to using another renderer if possible... If I have OpenGL ES 2.0, could there be another way? Like with SDL and OpenGL?

Re: DirectFB Renderer Direction

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 17:30
by Kulik
OpenGL renderers are definitely more mature and stable than DirectFB. If you can get OpenGL (ES) context up on the device you can use these.

DirectFB has issues. The reason why we don't work on it as much is mostly lack of enthusiasm about DirectFB from the community. There is a ticket to have it fixed for CEGUI 1.0 release.