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Event InnerRect Changed

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 14:51
by daesdemon
Hello CEGUI Developpers

I am using CEGUI to make dynamical interface ( not layout ) and i could have use of an Event InnerRectChanged for container windows.

The problem is when, for example, a ScrollablePane Scrollbar change from visible to hidden, or opposite, the window don't call EventSized but the InnerRect should change ( it doesn't in reality , but i think it is a Bug ).

So how can i know how to modify my child windows position to accord to that.

For the moment i use Scrollbar::EventHidden and Scrollbar::EventShown on the hidden child __auto__vscrollBar__ with a hook to the getUnclippedInnerRect Function (to correct the Rect by checking scrollbar visibility) but it is quite tedious. ;)