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Special character drawing

Posted: Thu May 05, 2005 06:06
by parul
Hi All,

I am working on HTML Viewer widget. In my application I want to display special character like pound sign (ASCII value - 243), currency sign (ASCII value 244). But when I try to draw these characters then it display only up to ASCII value 127 after that it doesn’t display any character. I am using Arial font. Below is my line of code for drawing.

unsigned char *specialChar = new unsigned char[2];
for(i=120; i <145; i++)

*specialChar = i;
String charString = (utf8*)specialChar;
float d_width = fnt->getTextExtent(charString);
fnt->drawText(charString, absrect,
System::getSingleton().getRenderer()->getZLayer(2), clipper, LeftAligned, colours);
absrect.d_left += d_width;

just tell me how I can display these characters. Thanking you