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ATTN: leedgitar - More Mk2 Waffle

Postby CrazyEddie » Sun Mar 28, 2004 08:06

I've added the basic Window events and also the documentation for stuff in the Window class (as well as a couple minor things), I'll hopefully have this all implemented and in CVS sometime on Monday.

Resolution Independance
While what I have so far will support relative metrics so the dimensions and postitions of elements can remain the same (relative to each other) across resolutions, the actual imagery could be the same size (and thus appear smaller in higher resolutions) depending how the imagery is designed, and how the rendering for any given widget is written. I'm thinking about putting a setting into either the System object or Renderer object that allows you to optionally specify a 'native' resolution which would then be used to transparently apply a scaling factor to all Image sizes. Any opinions on this?

File Format: Imageset
Due to long standing requests, the data files used for the GUI are going to be XML. Presently, the only format that is defined is for the image sets, I have pasted a small example below. If you want the schema for this, let me know. Basically everything is required except the XOffset and YOffset Image attributes, and these default to 0 if they are not specified.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Imageset Name="TaharezImagery" Imagefile="layout.tga">
   <Image Name="ClientBrush" XPos="2" YPos="2" Width="64" Height="64"/>
   <Image Name="WindowLeftEdge" XPos="6" YPos="94" Width="1" Height="24" XOffset="-4"/>
   <Image Name="WindowRightEdge" XPos="34" YPos="94" Width="1" Height="24" XOffset="4"/>
   <Image Name="WindowTopEdge" XPos="9" YPos="68" Width="23" Height="1"/>
   <Image Name="WindowBottomEdge" XPos="9" YPos="143" Width="23" Height="1"/>
   <Image Name="WindowTopLeft" XPos="2" YPos="68" Width="5" Height="24"/>
   <Image Name="WindowTopRight" XPos="34" YPos="68" Width="5" Height="24"/>

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