Official CEGUI Logo Images - get them here!

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Official CEGUI Logo Images - get them here!

Postby CrazyEddie » Tue Jul 01, 2008 13:32


Now and again, over the years, there have been users asking about official logos for CEGUI and what can or should be used.

If you need a copy of the CEGUI logo for some reason, you can use these files and consider them 'official' versions. Currently we just have some copies of the CEGUI logo rasterised at various sizes:
Size 1 - Small (128x89)
Size 2 - Medium (256x178)
Size 3 - Large (512x356)
Size 4 - Huge (1024x713)
Size 5 - Enourmous (2048x1426)

If somebody wants some other size or arrangement, just ask (post in general discussion) and I'll try and add it to the list available.

I know Pompei2 asked in February about a 88x31 'homepage link logo' style image. I'll re-arrange the logo slightly and upload such a thing shortly.


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