Removal of some fonts (SVN, v0-7, 0.7.1)

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Removal of some fonts (SVN, v0-7, 0.7.1)

Postby CrazyEddie » Thu Oct 15, 2009 09:53

Greetings all,

Anyone using the v0-7 branch who updates will notice that we've removed the Commonwealth, Iconified and Sword fonts. This is due to an potential issue that we were alerted to via the Mantis tracker, and in order to remove any possible confusion that might exist with regards to those font files and the licensing that applies to them, we decided to remove them from the standard CEGUI distributions.

This being said, the fonts were freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. Though they're only example material and do not affect the functioning of CEGUI itself, we are currently considering making these fonts available separately - either via separate download links or an optional 'extra media pack'.

While we're on this subject, you should always be aware that the MIT license only applies to the CEGUI library code itself. The example media we provide is just that - examples. For any real-world usage you should be looking at using your own media / assets and ensuring that any media you do use is consistent with the licensing and/or distribution methods that your project uses.



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