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CrazyEddie for Hire!

Postby CrazyEddie » Wed May 16, 2012 12:59

Update 10th August 2012: Currently I am unavailable for hire! I hope to be available again in the new year (2013), such that my availability roughly coincides with the release of CEGUI 1.0 (which should still be the end of 2012). Thanks for your interest!

This is a post to state that I am now providing you the opportunity to hire CrazyEddie for CEGUI related programming tasks. This includes modifications and extensions to CEGUI as well as client code integration, porting / updating old code to newer versions and other such things.

I am currently able to work with GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Apple iOS.

This is intended solely as an e-working arrangement. No job is too small, although you would be expected to pay for a minimum of one full day. All jobs will be undertaken on a fixed term basis and should all involve a clearly defined task / deliverable – if the task takes longer than the time booked you may either accept the work in progress or book further time.

Note that UI layout and other design work is not really covered by what I'm offering here – for that kind of thing you really want an artist rather than a CrazyEddie ;)

Any merges of additions or modifications of CEGUI code into the master repository are at my discretion and will of course only happen with the client's permission.

You may also choose to “sponsor a ticket” - in order to see some existing CEGUI mantis ticket fulfilled within a known time frame. Going this route automatically implies your permission to merge back into the master repository, in return, costs will be slightly reduced.

I will state up front that deposits are payable on all work undertaken, and please don't waste your time if you think I should work for $5 an hour, for “shared proceeds” or any other scheme that essentially means working for free.

Interested parties may contact me via email (, forum PM or on IRC.



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