Source Repositories Moved to Bitbucket

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Source Repositories Moved to Bitbucket

Postby CrazyEddie » Fri Jan 11, 2013 15:50


The very fast and eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that the various links and what have you in the docs and Wiki have been updated to point to our team at - so well done to you!

This post is to officially annouce that what we consider to be the master copies of the cegui (and related subproject) source code repositories are now hosted at bitbucket as opposed to You will need to update or reclone your local repository clones for repositories that have been migrated. The reason for this change is that it gives a more integrated and seamless approach to managing the source and user contributed changes (via pull requests and what have you on bitbucket), it's also a little faster than in many cases. We are aware that this causes some disruption due to the changed URIs, but please note that due to certain changes happening at the repository URIs would have changed anyway - so we have taken this opportunity to perform this migration so that users are only affected by a change once.

So, the following are migrated:

IMPORTANT: The copies of the above repositories hosted at will be deleted in the coming days in order that we do not have people mistakenly using the wrong repositories.

The following are considered obsolete and will not be migrated. No further commits will happen to these repositories (the code repositories will remain at, but in the next week or so the current URIs will break when we upgrade the crayzedsgui project to the new platform):
  • CEImagesetEditor
  • CELayoutEditor
  • CELayoutEditorII
  • CEXMLValidator

The following has been permamently deleted since the code is integrated into the main cegui repository:
  • colourpicker

Thanks for your support!


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