Use of "disposable" email addresses

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Use of "disposable" email addresses

Postby CrazyEddie » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:59


This is a notice to say that here at the CEGUI project, we expect that when you sign up to the forum you use a real, valid and permament email address.

The use of services that provide random or other 'use once' email addresses, that exist solely to allow people to sign up to forums and other such sites to post are not supported here and never will be. If you sign up to our site using one of these services you may suddenly find yourself banned. If you've already used one of these services, it is strongly suggested you update your account to use a real email address over which you have control, because we will not be notifying users if their email address provider ends up on the banned list.

This is the only communication that will be conveyed regarding this. Do not email us about it, do not PM us about it - the decision is final and there will be no debate about the pros or cons of it.

Thank you.


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