Starting the editor

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Starting the editor

Postby FuSiON » Wed Oct 25, 2006 17:40


I have compiled the downloaded and compiled the editor (and CEGUI head) successfully today.
When starting the editor it asks for the datafiles folde, but when I point it to the cegui datafiles folder I just get an error.

A GUI Scheme named 'TaharezLook' is already present in the system.

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Not too shy to talk
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Postby cutenoob » Thu Oct 26, 2006 01:34

I think you use 0.4x and 0.5 at one time....

You need to edit the TaharezLook.scheme file,,open it and edit <GUIScheme Name="TaharezLook"> to <GUIScheme Name="NewLook">

Good Luck!! :D :D

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Postby DulcetTone » Sun Dec 03, 2006 17:26

What *is* the datafiles folder, anyhow? This concept did not seem to exist in older CEGUI (0.4) versions.

edit: I am making some headway, having blitted the folder from CEGUI 0.5 Still, it starts up with an error, however, as it misses it from somewhere else, and I'm not sure how it recalls this other place. Where does CELayoutEditor record "last file opened", anyhow?


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Postby scriptkid » Sun Dec 03, 2006 19:10

The datafiles directory was introduced in the samples directory during 0.4 iirc. The name 'datafiles' is not mandatory; it is just a container directory of the required cegui xml files and their parser validation files (xsd). For example if you have those directories (schemes,fonts,layouts and such) inside a 'resources' or 'media' directory, that is fine as well.

You can check the CELayoutEditor.INI file for some settings. 'CurrentLayout=' denotes the last openend layout file. Note that it uses resource groups, meaning that it will always try to load your layout from the directory which is set in the 'LayoutsPath=' line. Maybe that is causing your problem if you saved your layout into another path. That is something i still need to look into, because it is confusing.

If you want to know more about resource groups, please read this page: ... s_in_0.5.0


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