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[CEImagesetEditor Update] VS solutions, config changes

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 16:13
by fjeronimo
Hi all,

A new CEImagesetEditor SVN trunk update has been committed.

I've been working mainly on the CELayoutEditor (and will continue to do so for a while) but I thought a quick update to the CEImagesetEditor was in order to reflect some of the latest changes. This will uniformize and ease up the build process for everyone working on the editors.

Here's the detailed contents:


- New: Visual studio solutions - Added VS2005 and VS2003 solutions.

- New: Visual studio post-build steps - Added post-build steps to the VS2005 and VS2003 projects that copy the required CEGUI dlls and the CEImagesetEditor data directory to the executable directory. This should greatly facilitate the building process for new users and for experienced ones as well (especially those that are changing the CEGUI codebase as well and want to see their changes immediately reflected in the editor without having to manually copy the files).

- New: Project categories - Added category filters (folders) to VS2003 and VS2005 solutions, to better organize the project structure.

- New: Environment Variables - The VS2003 and VS2005 solutions use the environment variables present in the 'CEImagesetEditor Build Guide' at

- Change : Config.h - The config file is no longer automatically generated by premake, but instead holds a static configuration.

- Removal: Premake - Deleted premake.lua. The project no longer uses or needs premake.


Have fun,