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NEW: Dev builds of LayoutEditor!

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:06
by scriptkid
Hi all,

due to some requests, from now on we will provide dev builds of the layout editor in the download section. On this page:

please follow the "0.6.0: Current development binaries" link and choose either the installer or the zip file. These files are build against both the 'head' of Cegui and the 'head' of the Editor. Don't hesitate to post any problems into Mantis (

Enjoy :)

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:57
by Liberator
Great! Thanks a lot.

It still throws an exception when I try to create a TabPane using the TaharezLook. And when I create one using WindowsLook and then switch to TaharezLook using the combobox it crashes.

Is there a specific reason this is not supported ? A bug perhaps ?
It does work correctly for WindowsLook.

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 14:01
by scriptkid
Hi Liberator,

we'll have a look at in in 2008 :)

Thanks for mentioning, it seems like a bug.

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 14:36
by Liberator
I did notice that the scheme names where set to TabPane instead of TabContentPane which is the case with WindowsLook. I made a diff of the change as you can see below. It might not fix the problem but at least it's more consistent.

Code: Select all

Index: TaharezLookWidgetAliases.scheme
--- TaharezLookWidgetAliases.scheme   (revision 1505)
+++ TaharezLookWidgetAliases.scheme   (working copy)
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez StaticImage" Target="TaharezLook/StaticImage" />
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez StaticText" Target="TaharezLook/StaticText" />
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez Tab Button" Target="TaharezLook/TabButton" />
-   <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez Tab Pane" Target="TaharezLook/TabPane" />
+   <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez Tab Pane" Target="TaharezLook/TabContentPane" />
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez Tab Control" Target="TaharezLook/TabControl" />
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez Titlebar" Target="TaharezLook/Titlebar" />
    <WindowAlias Alias="Taharez VertScrollbar" Target="TaharezLook/LargeVerticalScrollbar" />
Index: TaharezLookWidgets.scheme
--- TaharezLookWidgets.scheme   (revision 1505)
+++ TaharezLookWidgets.scheme   (working copy)
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/LargeVerticalScrollbarThumb" TargetType="CEGUI/Thumb"     Renderer="Falagard/Button"    LookNFeel="TaharezLook/LargeVerticalScrollbarThumb" />
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/TabButton"  TargetType="CEGUI/TabButton"  Renderer="Falagard/TabButton"  LookNFeel="TaharezLook/TabButton" />
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/TabControl" TargetType="CEGUI/TabControl" Renderer="Falagard/TabControl" LookNFeel="TaharezLook/TabControl" />
-   <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/TabPane"    TargetType="DefaultWindow"    Renderer="Falagard/Default"    LookNFeel="TaharezLook/TabPane" />
+   <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/TabContentPane"    TargetType="DefaultWindow"    Renderer="Falagard/Default"    LookNFeel="TaharezLook/TabPane" />
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/ComboDropList" TargetType="CEGUI/ComboDropList" Renderer="Falagard/Listbox" LookNFeel="TaharezLook/ComboDropList" />
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/ComboEditbox"  TargetType="CEGUI/Editbox"    Renderer="Falagard/Editbox" LookNFeel="TaharezLook/ComboEditbox" />
    <FalagardMapping WindowType="TaharezLook/Combobox"   TargetType="CEGUI/Combobox"    Renderer="Falagard/Default" LookNFeel="TaharezLook/Combobox" />

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 19:55
by scriptkid
I've made some changes to the files. They were indeed inconsistent. Mind though the difference between WindowType and Target. The first means the looknfeel (which is indeed called TabContentPane). The Target however is the name in code, which is (still) TabPane. So what you did in the Alias file doesn't work. At least not on my end.

I didn't get the crash, however it's not actually possible (or required) by the editor to add TabContentPanes yourself. This was possible because the editor's filtering used TabContentPane which didn't exist.

You should start with a TabControl, which will pre-populate some tabs for your to start with. As you will see, adding a child to a tab control will only allow DefaultWindow, which is also the Renderer in the scheme files.

Because i didn't change code, you might run the editor again with your own changes. Or check with the latest files: ... s/schemes/

HTH :)

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 22:05
by Evak
The new layout editor is a big improvement, I don't have to juggle paths between projects now :) I've come across a couple of bugs but those have been mentioned already in other posts.

Thanks for developing some useful tools for us artists to use :)

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 01:02
by fezztah
I'm also having problems with tabcontrols, I've got a working cegui/ogre app and used all the basic controls and buttons ok, but when I add a tabcontrol in the layouteditor and run my app I got the following errors:

Code: Select all

11/03/2008 00:21:14 (Error)   Exception: WindowFactoryManager::getFactory - A WindowFactory object, an alias, or mapping for 'TaharezLook/TabContentPane' Window objects is not registered with the system.
11/03/2008 00:21:14 (Error)   Exception: GUILayout_xmlHandler::startElement - layout loading has been aborted since no WindowFactory is available for 'TaharezLook/TabControl' objects.

but I can see it adding tabcontrol factory higher up in the log, but no tabcontentpane factory (should there be a factory for that too?)

Code: Select all

11/03/2008 00:20:17 (InfL1)   WindowFactory for 'CEGUI/TabControl' windows added.
11/03/2008 00:20:21 (InfL2)   ---> Start of definition for widget look 'TaharezLook/TabControl'.
11/03/2008 00:20:21 (InfL2)   ---< End of definition for widget look 'TaharezLook/TabControl'.
11/03/2008 00:21:03 (InfL2)   ---> Start of definition for widget look 'TaharezLook/TabContentPane'.
11/03/2008 00:21:03 (InfL2)   ---< End of definition for widget look 'TaharezLook/TabContentPane'.

I'm using the latest source from svn.

p.s. I cannot get the demo tabcontrol sample to work either, I get the following error:

Code: Select all

11/03/2008 00:17:08 (Error)   CEGUI::UnknownObjectException in file c:\projects\cegui-0.5.0-svn\src\ceguiwindowmanager.cpp(174) : WindowManager::getWindow - A Window object with the name 'TabControlDemo/TabControl' does not exist within the system

UPDATE - my mistake, I thought I'd updated all my scheme files to the ones scriptKid specified, but I missed one. Sorry. TabControl's are working now.

Posted: Wed May 07, 2008 19:59
by scriptkid
Hey all,

if you open this page and scroll down, you will find the latest (development) version of the layout editor: ... oads_0.6.0

I mainly addressed the Selection system, which now basically allows you to work more intuitive. The most important change is the automatic selection of children when you select a window or a node (in the tree).

When this happens, only the top-most window (the one which you explicitely selected) has a resizeable box. The children (automatically selected) only have a rectangle drawn. Only these top-most windows can be resized and moved, while automatically propagating their changes to their children.

Because of the automatic child-selection, copying and pasting is now more easy, since you only need to pick your main windows. If you don't want the complete 'branch' to be copied or cut, just unselect separate children by clicking them while holding CTRL.

On a technical note: __auto_ windows are denied when both selecting and copying. So your layouts should stay clean ;)

Enjoy and please let me know any issues.

Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 14:14
by fezztah
Just noticed a problem. If you select a static text box and then try to resize by clicking on one of the handles then the font colour selector opens up and you cannot deselect the resizing handle.

p.s. I have to comment out those COMPILE_ macros to get it to compile? It's been that way for a while though, nothing to do with this latest revision.

Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 14:43
by scriptkid
Thanks for posting, i'll have a look. No, the compile macros are fine, they form a rather intrusive 'todo' list ;)

Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 19:41
by scriptkid
A few issues have been resolved. The colouring is a nice option (it was a patch), but needs to be triggered somewhere else. Maybe by clicking the colour option in the grid or something.

Also, the ability to set a background image was broken. It's fixed. The aformentioned download page contains a link to an updated zip file.

Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 15:18
by scriptkid
A new version has be uploaded, and is accessible from the download page (scroll down): ... oads_0.6.0

-Layouts are loaded from the set path (INI) file
-Root window is now optional
-Widescreen canvas mode
-Fixed a crash bug

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 23:22
by Van
I guess you are no longer supplying dev builds?

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 08:20
by scriptkid

we are, but we cannot use the earlier apprauch anymore because of SF restrictions. We have to upload them as file releases. 0.6.1b was the latest. ... _id=194684

I will modify the download page, cause the info should be there as well. Thanks for the heads-up. Btw not much (besides the multiple layout extension support) has been added yet.
There you go: ... nloads_Dev

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 22:30
by Van