First tab pane saves as hidden on save

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First tab pane saves as hidden on save

Postby Evak » Tue Jun 02, 2009 18:46

Were making an Ogre editor and have been using CEGUI. The Scene node properties panel uses tabs for Node Properties, physics, animation and user defined properties.

I noticed that set visible for tab 1 in the editor always saves as false so whenever the panel is opened in our app the widgets on tab 1 are hidden and the framewindow looks blank untill it is clicked on. This can easily be fixed by loading the .Layout into a text editor after saving from the layout file. But it is still an annoyance. Just thought I'd mention it.

Here's a pic of the tabbed UI in action

Image Ogre, Newton @ CEGUI game dev framework V1.0 FlowED BETA Scene editor for BlitzMax...

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