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CELayoutEditor : I can't use it :(

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 09:23
by Tomaka17

I downloaded the CELayoutEditor 0.6.3 binaries this morning but I encoutered a slight problem

I'm often using a netbook for developpement, whose screen resolution is at most 1024x600 (I can't set it higher)
But... CELayoutEditor's windows have a height higher than 600pixels

Here is a screenshot : ... editor.jpg
This might look stupid, but as you see I can't even do anything with this window except closing it with the escape button :(

Do you have any solution for me?
For the moment I'll use CELayoutEditor on my gaming PC (which has no tool for developpement whatsoever) but it would be great if I could use it with by netbook, especially when I'm not at home

Thank you

Re: CELayoutEditor : I can't use it :(

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 07:21
by CrazyEddie
Thanks for the heads up with regards to this issue. This is one of those situations where, with ever increasing desktop display sizes, it's easy to get caught unaware when things kind of start moving in the opposite direction as has happened with the growing popularity of netbooks and other so called "ultra-portable" devices.

I believe the solution will involve modifying the way the dialog is created in the source, though I've not looked as of this time (perhaps there is an easier / better way). I've added a mantis ticket for this issue, so it may get fixed sometime soon (hopefully).


Re: CELayoutEditor : I can't use it :(

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 07:12
by scriptkid

Indeed i have to add to CE's reply about the unawareness in this area. Not just that the netbooks put us back into the ninetees (resolution wise) but also that people are actually using them to develop games on! :)

I'll see if the dialog can become resizable. But maybe that makes things a bit crowded. But if it helps a bit, it's okay with me.

Re: CELayoutEditor : I can't use it :(

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:42
by Tomaka17
Being a student, a netbook is really a great thing: small, cheap, doesn't weight much, long batteries (mine lasts about 6 hours of continuous work)

I use it for developpement because I'm more often with it than with my desktop PC
Of course it's not very optimal, but having your game run on a netbook gives you an idea about how well it will run on a regular PC

Anyway, thank you for taking this seriously :)