Migration to 0.2.0

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Migration to 0.2.0

Postby scriptkid » Sun Feb 20, 2005 14:49

Hi all,

just a notification that i have download CEGUI 0.2.0 to my system and the editor seems not to be eaten by it for most part, except for the 'datafiles' folder.

Because it's not the first time i encounter (small) changes in this area, i've decided to include it. For example the 0.1.0 release expected the 'datafiles' folder in your editor's startup folder. However, v0.2.0 expects it at "..\" from the startup folder. This has been fixed in the code as well.

This addition also made me to include the 'bin' folder, but don't worry, just the no-binaries ;-)

So, if you update CVS, and then copy the (new) CEGUI dll's to the 'bin\debug' folder, you should be in sync as i am :-)

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