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[PyCEGUI] Modifying PyCEGUI package

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 16:39
by IrmatDen

I've just realized I almost shot myself a bullet in the leg by now using the repository (hey, it's an implied part of the risk of using development branches :D): I can't use CELayoutEditorII anymore, due to my datafiles not having the same format as CEGUI 0.7.5.

Is there any way to update the PyCEGUI package? I've searched, but didn't find more than binary releases (and yet, I need to learn how to update it, but first things first!).

Re: [PyCEGUI] Modifying PyCEGUI package

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 16:40
by Kulik
I have yesterdays PyCEGUI 0.8 for Windows 32bit as a MSI package but I must warn you, CELayoutEditorII won't work with it out of the box, changes are likely to be required. If anybody is interested in that package, send a PM or something.

As it is, CELE2 is 0.7.5 only for now. I think updating it for 0.8 is not necessary or desired right now. I would recommend you to use 0.7.5 PyCEGUI and default CELE2 (the repos are completely separate and default CELE2 means CELE2 for 0.7).