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CEImagesetEditor cannot load vanilla.tga

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 20:06
by caburfoot
I've tried examing posts, but I don't see any discussion of the issue. I'be build the CEimagesetEditor 0.7.1. And tring to learn how it works, opened the CELayoutEditor vanilla.imageset and taz

While it opened the file, I got the following error -
EditorGLCanvas::setImage - Error: DefaultResourceProvider::load: vanilla.tga does not exist.

THis is not true. Debugging shows that the name passed to the load call doesn't include the path to the XML file. I thought about modifying the code, but as I'm just beginning with CEGUI, I thought I'd share the info. It would seem that on load or on save the current working dir MAY need to be set and unset.

Open to guidance if I've overlooked something. I did read about loading the scheme, but I'm NOT loading from a display perspective, I'm loading from the CEImagesetEditor.

Guidance appreciated.

Re: CEImagesetEditor cannot load vanilla.tga

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 19:01
by Jamarr
Please make sure you post in the appropriate sub-forum next time. Thank you.