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Install Cegui Layout Editor

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 20:53
by Dilbert
Hi, i'm trying to install Cegui Layout editor but the results are negative .
I managed to install WXWidegts 2.8.12 and the "Cegui Layout Editor 0.7.1" but when I run the program there is an error message : Unhandled exception!
I don't understand what is wrong with the installation. If someone could help, I would appreciate it.

Thank You.

Re: Install Cegui Layout Editor

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 21:46
by Kulik
Unhandled exception!

Something must be wrong! That's all I can tell you from the info you provided. Please use common sense and provide more info, otherwise we can't help you no matter how hard we try..

PS: Is it that hard to post in the right forum section? :roll:

Re: Install Cegui Layout Editor

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 20:29
by Dilbert
Hi, i´m sorry about the lack of information .
I'm using a linux distribuition (ubuntu 10.04)
and downloaded wxwidgets 2.8.12 from
./configure --with-opengl --enable-unicode
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig (because in the end of the instalation it requested it)
for this I needed to install the package libgtk2.0-dev and it's dependancies
then I downloaded cegui layout editor 0.7.1 from
I then ran in the folder
sudo make install
afterwards when trying to run the binary from the command line I got a warning:
The file 'CELayoutEditor.ini' could not be found; default settings will apply now.
then after I got an error when the program initialized that said
CELayoutEditor has detected and caught an exception. The following detailed info is available:
Description: Fatal error, application will terminate
Exception Location: CELayoutEditor::InitMainFrame
Exception Message: DynamicModule::DynamicModule - Failed to load module '': não é possível abrir objecto partilhado: Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory-> this is the transaltion for the portuguese part.)
Exception Filename: CEGUIDynamicModule.cpp
Exception Line: 128
after clicking ok it shuts the program down.
sorry for the last unspecified post but I had trying running just the binary in /usr/local/bin through ./CELayoutEditor and it just gave me the information in the command line:
CELayoutEditor Unhandled Exception: CELayoutEditor::OnUnhandledException - Unhandled exception caught, program will terminate.

Ps: I thought that help section was the most suitable, my bad :oops:

Re: Install Cegui Layout Editor

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 06:34
by CrazyEddie
The CEGUI you have installed apparently was built without the CEGUISILLYImageCodec module. This is a hard coded requirement (very bad) of CELayoutEditor. The choices to fix this are to install a CEGUI that has this module or to hack the CELayoutEditor code to not explicitly request the SILLY module, but to use whichever default was compiled in.