Sleekspace skin doesn't work with my CELayoutEditor

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Sleekspace skin doesn't work with my CELayoutEditor

Postby mikachu » Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:43

Hi all,
I've installed the latest versions of CELayoutEditor and CEGUI SDK, set the "datafiles" folder for CELayoutEditor, and then I downloaded the sleekspace skin. I put each of its files in the corresponding folder.
The first bug is that CELayoutEditor doesn't seem to be able to read its PNG files. So I converted PNG files to TGA files, and modified the ".imageset" file accordingly. With this done, everything loads fine, but the problem is that the coordinates seem to be wrong (the wrong parts of the textures are shown). The other skins, packed with CEGUI are working fine.

Anyone has got an idea about it? Isn't sleekspace compatible with 0.5?

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Not too shy to talk
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Postby lymantok » Sun Jul 08, 2007 04:35


I could not find the file in the skins page (broken link). However, I found sleekspace here: ... ce?rev=612

But alas, I could not get it to work. Do you have the zip you could send me by chance? I think the above link is missing some key files.

Thx (

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