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Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 19:55
by prager

I have just posted a new skin - AquaLook, based on MAC OS Aqua look n feel... And would appreciate any feedback on it... :) You can find it in skins section of cegui website or here:

Enjoy... :)

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 08:09
by CrazyEddie
This is so cool :)

Thanks for your efforts with this and for making it available, it does look excellent, and I will have a play around with it a little later on.


Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:57
by Pompei2
Looks really good !

but "based on TaharezLook skin by CrazyEddie", IIRC TaharezLook is done by Taharez. apologise if I am wrong :)

thanks for giving that skin.

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 13:12
by prager
Glad you like it! :) Please if you find some bugs, post them here or send them on my email, I think it needs lots of polishing...

Sorry about the error with TaharezLook author, I have taken it from skins section of cegui website, where CrazyEddie is listed as the author of TaharezLook...

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 18:21
by CrazyEddie
Yeah, I have to reset the admin password on that site so I can remove that entry, and clean up some other stuff.

Sorry for that confusion :)


Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 19:00
by Taharez
Nice work prager, looks good :)