Resizing a CEGUI Texture

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Resizing a CEGUI Texture

Postby dermont » Thu Oct 01, 2015 07:03

I'm creating a video texture for Ogre2.1/Cegui0.8 and python wrapper/bindings. If I create a texture on the Ogre side then create a CEGUI::OgreTexture passing the TexturePtr it works fine. I can blitFromMemory either from CEGUI of from Ogre (via CEGUI::OgreTexture::getOgreTexture()).

The problem occurs when I try to create an Ogre texture from CEGUI. Sorry the following is in python.

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cegui_texture = CEGUI.System.getSingleton().getRenderer().createTexture(self.textureName, self.videoSize)

The CEGUI:OgreTexture ctor always creates a 1x1 Ogre texture, on blitFromMemory it fails:

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OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Destination box out of range in GL3PlusHardwarePixelBuffer::blitFromMemory at /media/sdb5/THISISITPYTHONOGRE/BRANCHES/v2-1/downloads/ogre/RenderSystems/GL3Plus/src/OgreGL3PlusHardwarePixelBuffer.cpp (line 126)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I tried updating the texture size. The blit doesn't fail but the texture is not displayed.

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    texture = cegui_texture.getOgreTexture()

As a workaround I manually reset the Ogre texture after the above resize to ensure (d_size / d_dataSize) are the same.

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    cegui_texture.setOgreTexture(cegui_texture.getOgreTexture(), False)

If I update OgreTexture(const String& name, const Sizef& sz) and createEmptyOgreTexture() to create a texture of size (sz) then I don't need the above, is there any reason the texture is not automatically created from the size passed in? Is there something else I am missing?

This is the basic image used to hold the texture. I invalidate all relevant windows and child windows after any texture updates.

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        self.videoBasicImage = CEGUI.ImageManager.getSingleton().create("BasicImage", cegui_texture.getName())
        self.videoBasicImage.setAutoScaled(CEGUI.ASM_Disabled  )
        rect = CEGUI.Rectf(CEGUI.Vector2f(0,0),  cegui_texture.getOriginalDataSize())

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