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Just popping in
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GUI toolkits

Postby melwinsmith » Sat Aug 04, 2018 02:41

I was very impressed by how adaptable the scaleform GUI toolkit is but the price is unbelievable. It's way out of the reach of indie devs. I did notice it's based on flash so it can't be the only game in town.
Is there no other way to design the GUI in flash but have it run the underlying C++ and C# code I'm writing?
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Re: GUI toolkits

Postby Ident » Sat Aug 04, 2018 06:09

Scaleform is discontinued. You wouldn't wanna use it anyway.

Flash-based UIs are technically problematic in more than just one way, although they might be nice to design. I wouldn't recommend using any such solution. The other option for flash is "Iggy Game UI" but that is also discontinued and afaik they work on version 2 - without flash!
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