cegui problems

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Just popping in
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cegui problems

Postby martinbaker2727 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 14:05

Finally got around building it, sadly its not quite working since there are a few pitfalls. Ogre render does not work it relies on an older version which code has been changed rather extensively so i had to disable that, also the SDL2 framework produces link errors with the current SDL2 package so that one had to go as well.
Now it builds but i had to modify the build script cause it was using windows paths for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX which caused problems with pacman because the path to the pkg directory ended up being a mile long windows path :( so i changed it to use posix paths, but the samples do not work because it looks for the datadir in the source folder ?!? and again uses windows paths even if explicitly told not to. So i removed building samples as well since there is no easy workaround, and fixing it would probably require hacking the build system to use the linux setup ad some hackery with locating the datadir folder correctly. it also seems to be a rather old version of cegui since the latest upstream version allready has support for the current ogre version.

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