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0000706: Image field not taking input
Thanks goes to Mars_999 for the report!

Well I am not seeing it....

Here is what gets exported when I have .7 selected

<Window Name="Root/Background" Type="OgreTray/StaticImage">
<Property Name="UnifiedAreaRect" Value="{{0.25,0},{0.01,0},{0.75,0},{0.271985,0}}" />
<Property Name="Font" Value="DejaVuSans-10" />
<Property Name="Name" Value="Background" />
<Property Name="FrameEnabled" Value="False" />
<Property Name="BackgroundEnabled" Value="False" />

vs. CELayoutEditors

<Window Type="OgreTray/StaticImage" Name="Background" >
<Property Name="Font" Value="Batang-26" />
<Property Name="FrameEnabled" Value="False" />
<Property Name="Image" Value="set:Nexus image:MainMenuBackground" />
<Property Name="UnifiedAreaRect" Value="{{0.25,0},{0.01,0},{0.75,0},{0.271985,0}}" />
<Property Name="BackgroundEnabled" Value="False" />

More info here: [^]
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duplicate of 0000590new  Code editing just ignores invalid code silently 
related to 0000491resolved pav Property inspecting systems reworking 
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2012-02-05 12:22   
Hopefully will get magically solved with pav256's property inspecting branch :-)
2012-02-06 12:10   
It looks like this is working now. Setting a vanilla button's NormalImage to "OgreTrayImages/OgreLogo" had an immediate effect and was serialized property.

Note: I don't if there are any compatibility problems ("set:xxx image:yyy" vs "xxx/yyy").
2012-02-10 17:16   
This is caused by the fact that the image is not found when loading the layout, therefore it's ignored.

I agree that it shouldn't be silently ignored, instead it should somehow be reported.

When I insert an image that does exist, it loads it properly and saves it properly (changing the image references appropriately between 0.7 and 0.8).
2012-02-22 11:22   
0000590 should take care of this as well.

The issue will be mitigated when Image inspectors are implemented (selecting image using a combobox instead of writing the name precisely).