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0000645CEGUICore library (CEGUIBase)public2011-12-16 00:302012-06-11 16:26
Assigned ToCrazyEddie 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product VersionMercurial: default branch 
Target Version0.8.0Fixed in Version0.8.0 
Summary0000645: UnknownObjectException when more than one property with layoutOnWrite="true" are used
DescriptionI'm not sure if this should go to "Core library" or "Falagard".

When I use more than one PropertyDim that refer to properties with layoutOnWrite="true" in the same Dim in a child window, it throws exceptions but still works:

CEGUI::UnknownObjectException in file cegui_mk2-build/cegui/src/PropertySet.cpp(122) : There is no Property named 'Test2' available in the set.
Steps To ReproduceModifying OgreTray.looknfeel for easy reproduction:
@@ -4251,6 +4251,8 @@
 :::: Tab control
     <WidgetLook name="OgreTray/TabControl">
+ <PropertyDefinition name="Test" initialValue="{0,20}" layoutOnWrite="true"/>
+ <PropertyDefinition name="Test2" initialValue="1" layoutOnWrite="true"/>
         <Property name="TabButtonType" value="OgreTray/TabButton" />
         <Property name="TabTextPadding" value="{0,6}" />
         <Child type="OgreTray/TabContentPane" nameSuffix="__auto_TabPane__">
@@ -4258,9 +4260,9 @@
                 <Dim type="LeftEdge"><AbsoluteDim value="0" /></Dim>
                 <Dim type="RightEdge"><UnifiedDim scale="1" type="Width" /></Dim>
                 <Dim type="TopEdge">
- <PropertyDim widget="__auto_TabPane__" name="EnableBottom">
+ <PropertyDim name="Test2">
                         <DimOperator op="Multiply">
- <PropertyDim name="TabHeight" type="Height" />
+ <PropertyDim name="Test" type="Height" />

Layout (Any layout that uses the tabcontrol):
<Window Name="test312" Type="OgreTray/TabControl">
    <Property Name="Position" Value="{{0,10},{0,10}}" />
    <Property Name="Size" Value="{{1,-20},{0,70}}" />
    <Window Name="qqq" Type="DefaultWindow">
Additional InformationMercurial: changeset 2914
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CrazyEddie (administrator)
2012-05-24 18:38


I could not reproduce the issue exactly as described, but using the steps provided was able to produce a similar issue related to the use of layoutOnWrite in PropertyDefinitions.

I've committed a fix for the issue I produced, and I hope this also fixes the issue you're reporting here. Let me know, so I can mark this as resolved, thanks.

Fix was this: http://crayzedsgui.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/crayzedsgui/cegui_mk2/rev/e85675f50b57 [^]
CrazyEddie (administrator)
2012-06-11 16:26

Marking this as fixed. If the issue still occurs, let me know and I'll retest.

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2011-12-16 00:30 pav New Issue
2012-02-10 09:31 CrazyEddie Target Version 0.8.3 => 0.8.0
2012-05-22 10:24 CrazyEddie Assigned To => CrazyEddie
2012-05-22 10:24 CrazyEddie Status new => assigned
2012-05-24 18:38 CrazyEddie Note Added: 0000996
2012-05-24 18:38 CrazyEddie Status assigned => feedback
2012-06-11 16:26 CrazyEddie Note Added: 0001072
2012-06-11 16:26 CrazyEddie Status feedback => resolved
2012-06-11 16:26 CrazyEddie Fixed in Version 0.8.3 => 0.8.0
2012-06-11 16:26 CrazyEddie Resolution open => fixed
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