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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001057    Layout editingminornew2014-10-08Layout editing widget hierarchy should honor the XML order of the windows in the layout
  0001056    Layout editingminornew2014-10-08Unnamed windows keep changing their names
  0001055    Generalminornew2014-10-08Mode switches shouldn't mark the document as modified
  0001050    Generalminornew2014-08-22./run_tests fails unless X server is available
  0001049    Layout editingminornew2014-08-20Exception pops up if cancelling the opening of a layout with no type defined
  00005682   Layout editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-27When the hierarchy widget list is too long and a widget is newly selected, it might not be shown
  0001044    Layout editingminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-27Layout Container support tracking bug
  00010431   Layout editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-27Remember zoom and panning when switching away from visual editing in the layout editor
  00009461   Layout editingminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-26StaticImage property editing offers no support for 'full_image'
  00010411   Documentationminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-26Support unversioned docs
  00010401   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-26python setup.py should not require pysideuic
  00010391   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-26Provide AppData
  00010381   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-26Provide a .desktop file
  00010421   Layout editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-26PropertySetInspector should show what is currently being edited
  00006882   Layout editingmajornew2014-07-13Hitting 'Delete' while renaming a widget deletes the widget
  00008263   Imageset editingtweaknew2014-07-13clicking ctrl+s while having an image selected both moves the file towards the bottom and saves it
  00007841   Imageset editingminornew2014-07-13Changing underlying image can cause lost data if the image is small than previous image
  0000822    Layout editingminornew2014-07-13Live preview is not interactive on OS X
  0000594    Project managementminornew2014-07-13Allow custom resource groups, do all resource loading through CEGUI
  00006271   Project managementminornew2014-07-13More error checking when adding new/existing files to project (different VFS roots)
  00006201   Layout editingfeatureacknowledged2014-07-13Ability to 'nudge' widgets using the keyboard.
  00005411   Generalminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-13MacOSX support
  00005704   Generalminorassigned (CrazyEddie)2014-07-13cx_Freeze chokes on @loader_path (OSX)
  0000494    Imageset editingminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-12Create a video tutorial series about imageset editing
  0000495    Generalminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-12Screencasts / video tutorials
  00010351   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-12CEED should put /usr/lib64/python2.7/cegui-X.Y into PYTHONPATH
  00009082   Layout editingminorassigned (Kulik)2014-07-12Widget previews don't show up
  00009301   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-07-12Explicitly check FBO support and report if it's not there
  0001032    Layout editingcrashnew2014-07-05Uncaught exception on adding items to scrollable panel
  0001025    Layout editingminornew2014-06-21Multi-selectionof windows and resize handles leads to issues
  0001029    Layout editingminornew2014-06-21custom short cut key does not work
   00010201   Layout editingfeatureresolved (Ident)2014-05-24Feature: Strip all comma values from all absolute position and size values - Add button that prevents this while moving/resizing
  00009691   CLI toolsminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Whenever anything fails in ceed-mic the tool is stuck forever
  00009432   Layout editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Preserve expanded/collapsed when dragndropping/reparenting widgets
  00009511   Compatibility layersminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Error when migrating looknfeel
  00009401   Generalminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Changing shortcuts of actions with no default shortcut fails
  00009391   Layout editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Recursive lock/unlock of widgets in layout editing
  00008972   Imageset editingminorresolved (Kulik)2014-05-22Editing GUI for per-image autoScaled and native{Horz,Vert}Res
  00004653   Generalminorassigned (kornerr)2014-05-22Creating a new image in the imageset editor is a pain
  0000907    Layout editingminornew2014-04-03Uncaught exception when drag CheckBox to GridLayoutContainer
  0000530    Layout editingminornew2014-04-03Layout containers don't have any reordering support
  00007694   Compatibility layersminornew2014-03-26Pixmap fonts load imageset that doesn't go through compat machinery
  00009621   Layout editingminornew2014-03-26Adding AlifskoSkin/FrameWindow generates an exception.
  00010041   Layout editingminoracknowledged2014-03-26Layout editor overwrites Event tags
  00009531   Imageset editingminorassigned (Kulik)2013-03-09Make the outline colour and line style selectable in settings
  0000954    Layout editingminorassigned (Kulik)2013-02-04Widget is deleted when we press delete while renaming it
  0000952    Layout editingminornew2013-01-23Preserve locked/unlocked state when dragndropping/reparenting widgets
  0000947    Compatibility layersminornew2012-12-08Crash at startup with weird error message when MSVC 2010 run-time DLL not installed
  0000945    Documentationminornew2012-12-08Missing useful bit for easy Windows installation
  00009441   Layout editingmajornew2012-12-08Uncaught exception when loading layout
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