0.8.4 Release broke ABI & API compatibility

In utter shame I have to admit that amidst of hundreds of changes from version 0.8.3, there has been one change which caused an ABI and API break. In case you rely on ABI and API compatibility, you are advised to skip this Release and use the upcoming 0.8.5 Release or downgrade to 0.8.3. In order to prevent this from happening again, we increased goat and leprechaun sacrifices by 78%.

For further information:
The following symbol is the one that was accidentally removed by a person who is from Austria and likes mustard. I will not name him!

PropertyLinkDefinition.h, libCEGUIBase-0.so.2.2.2
CEGUI::S_parentIdentifier [data]
[symbol: _ZN5CEGUI18S_parentIdentifierE]

We will readd it in 0.8.5 to avoid breakage. 0.8.3 -> 0.8.5 will be compatible, this issue will only ever apply to 0.8.4.