Application Templates added

We got a new user contribution from lucebac that just got merged into CEGUI's v0-8 branch yesterday, which will be part of our next CEGUI Release (0.8.5).

He provided what we decided to name "application templates". The currently present application templates (based on GLFW and SDL2) are buildable using CMake for your OS and IDE of choice, just like the rest of CEGUI. The templates are small stand-alone minimal applications that use CEGUI. They serve as a great starting point for creating your own application using CEGUI or might be used as quick guidance to integrate CEGUI into an existing program.

Up to now we only had the SampleBrowser, which in itself is great for showing off samples (Be sure to check out the well-documented code of the samples to learn CEGUI) and for us to quickly test if features still work, but was not a good starting point to setting up your own CEGUI application or for explaining how CEGUI is set up. We suggest beginners to most of all, read the API docs, then to look at all samples in the SampleBrowser that are relevant to them and finally to grab the application template and see how it works.

In the future we would like to add support for more window creation systems for the application template, and maybe also a Ogre and Irrlicht based application template. User contributions are very welcome (

Also I want to remind all our users of our Ticket Issue system on bitbucket:
I was made aware recently that there are some issues that do not get reported on our forum or issue tracker by users. It is very important for us that unreported issues get reported on our issue tracker (or at least on our forum). Use the search function to look for reported issues. If the issue was already reported you may also additionally comment on it or add your vote for it, which will raise awareness. We definitely pay more attention to issues (and also suggested features) with more votes, since this shows they are likely to be relevant to more people.

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