CEGUI (0.8.5) will have new OpenGL ES 2 Renderer: Support for OpenGL ES 2.X and OpenGL ES 3.X and Epoxy (alternatively to GLEW)!

User Yaron Cohen-Tal provided us with a new contribution (PR link here) adding OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL ES 3 support via a new Renderer (OpenGL ES Renderer). This is a good base for Android, iOS, etc support!

But this is not all: The SampleBrowser now also supports GLFW3 and Epoxy can be used instead of GLEW for the GL extensions. The changes are merged into our v0-8 stable branch (link here) and are undergoing further testing. Feel free to try it out by cloning the branch or pulling the latest changes and report to us about it on our forum/IRC. We would like to hear about any issues you have with it, or any improvements you want to suggest or also feel free to just tell us if it worked nicely for you! The changes will be present in the upcoming 0.8.5 Release.