CEGUI soon migrating to Git and maybe to GitHub / GitLab

Migrating to git (and in the course of this maybe to github) had alreadyin discussion among the CEGUI devs over the past year. Now bitbucket made the decision for us with their change to deprecate Mercurial
Bitbucket dropping Mercurial support

We have been using Mercurial for many years now, just like the Ogre Engine project. This change now leaves us no option open: We will definitely migrate to Git. The question is, do we stick with bitbucket? Most of the things, like the tickets and Releases, we can migrate to GitHub or GitLab without great problems. Since we need to make a change anyway, why not make a big one? If you want to talk to us about this please feel free to join our freshly created Discord server ( https://discordapp.com/invite/NJ3fgsw ) or our Forum.