Current developments in CEGUI and CEED

GSoC 2014 has started and timotei and me (Ident) have both been accepted with our projects. Timotei will work on the internals of CEGUI and rework important parts of it to adhere to the Model-View pattern. Read the short description here. I will work on CEED to add an Editor for Look n' Feel files of CEGUI. The editor should make it a lot easier for CEGUI users to skin widgets, which previously had to be done in XML exclusively. Read the short description: here.

Timotei already made good progress and I already added a new feature to the CEGUI Layout editor and started working on the editor for editing WidgetLook properties. Additionally the CEGUI team is always working on bug fixes and the next minor release (0.8.4 based on v0-8 branch) should be coming soon.

In our unstable CEGUI default branch, the OgreRenderer and IrrlichtRenderer are still broken currently after my changes during last summer's Google Summer of Code. However the Direct3D11Renderer has already been completely redone and contains some important improvements compared to the previous versions of the Renderer (see previous news). The OpenGL and OpenGL3 Renderers in default branch are functional. In the little time we have, the CEGUI team is also trying to get the IrrlichtRenderer and OgreRenderer updated to work with the general CEGUI Renderer changes, this might still take a while though. As always, we recommend the v0-8 branch for stable development.