Happy New Year!

Slight headache after waking up, the limbs feeling stiff after a short night's sleep, small patches of cookie dust sparsely spread around the mouth, the sensation in the mouth that grossly reminds of past sparkly wine consumption, ones hair smelling like short-term exposition to ridiculously high amounts of fine dust pollution: This all is clear evidence to me, that the last year has very recently drawn to its end and I have successfully (and alive) managed to enter a new year, again!

Somewhere along these lines, but actually completely unrelated to them, the entire CEGUI team wishes you all a successful, healthy and overall superior year 2015!

About CEGUI in 2015: The plans for this year for us are mainly revolving around the upcoming 1.0 Release (Q3 or Q4) as well as continuing support and bug-fixes for the 0.8 versions. The 1.0 developmental version already offers a lot of new great features, so that we really wish to release this version as soon as possible, of course we have to finish and test all new and planned features before that. See Martin's and my Todo list on the wiki if you are curious about some of the features we still have to add / rework for the Release or check the forum, the last GSoC topics or chat with us on #cegui.

Also we recently enabled file attachment uploads in our Forum. This will make it easier to show screenshots or describing issues in the future!