IMPORTANT: Call for bitbucket user names for the CEGUI issues migration from mantis to bitbucket

All current mantis tickets have been migrated to bitbucket issue tracker. Therefore, we call all people who care that their past CEGUI mantis ticket submissions are attributed to their bitbucket accounts, to tell us their CEGUI and bitbucket user names: just write to team (at ) cegui . org . uk - We will then correctly link all comments and reports to the supplied account.

We give users 3 days to notify us. Until then our new issue tracker will not go public. Our old issue tracker will remain online for the next months as READ-ONLY, until we decide to remove it entirely. For now, this means you will not be able to post new issues until the 3 days are over: The new issue tracker goes online on Monday 23rd Feb 2015

So again: Everyone who wants their tickets attributed to their bitbucket account (otherwise it will just say "anonymous" and underneath "original author: XXX") should notify us.

Thank you!